Rare HMV Gramophone standard portable 101 Blue c1930

A 1927â� ™s HMV Standard Portable Gramophone model 101 in blue.

An excellent quality and rare blue coloured, His masters voice (HMV) portable gramophone. This wind-up portable item is ideal for taking your 78 records into any room in the home, or out on a day in the country, or that summer picnic.

This 101 model is in excellent condition with the outer blue Rexene covering in good condition. The gramophone has a good lock, which is in working order but unfortunately no key to lock the item. The carrying handle is in good condition, allowing the gramophone to be carried easily. Just one down side to this rare gramophone, the clip to hold the gramophone in position for travelling has broken but can be replaced. The blue colouring is the rarest of the rare colour variations and would only have been bought by the more afluent households in the 1920's and also highly valued by collectors.

The inner workings of the gramophone are in excellent working condition. The chromed speed lever and brake are bright and corrosion free. The metal holders to retain the handle whilst travelling or moving are again in excellent order. The handle with its black painted end piece is in fine working order

A hidden internal needle holder pushes out from the front right hand side of the item and there are spare needles
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