HMV Model 29 Horn Gramophone. Huge 4 spring motor. Original and VERY rare.

You are looking at a rare HMV slope sided horn gramophone. (Model 29). I have owned this for about twelve years now but very sadly she has to go so this lovely machine can be yours.
If you know HMV gramophones then you will realise that this machine is a sought after model, not least because it has perhaps the best motor of all horn gramophones ever produced. It has the truly massive 4 spring HMV number 34 motor. (In fact the motor is so large it fills most of the case and so this is VERY heavy.)
The motor is almost silent, incredibly smooth, very powerful and it runs for absolutely ages. I understand that some 29s have the smaller number 32 motor but this one has the beefy 4 spring motor and has clearly always had a 34. (No extra holes)
The wood is either teak or mahogany, Teak I believe.
HMV transfer is poor but is still there and very late in design just as used in the re-entrants. See photos for cabinet condition. Some knocks, chips etc but nothing that has ever bothered me given it's rarity.
All hardware is original. No reproduction parts whatsoever.
Please note: The back bracket is unique to this model because the back of the case slopes inward as do the sides and front. The black paint on the back bracket is unusual on HMV machines but the color is original. As you can see much of the nickel is
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