HO Brass Santa Fe 1938 "El Capitan" Chair Car #3103-3106 Coach Yard - Mint

HO BrassSanta Fe Lightweight Chair Car #3104-3106 Built for 1938 'El Capitan'. Produced Kumata of Japan for the Coach Yard in 1980's. MINT

This 1938 Pullman-Standard product was assigned to the 1938 'El Capitan' -Santa Fe's all-chair overnighter between LA and Chicago. The car remained in that service until replaced with the new Budd Hi-Level cars in 1956. These single-level chair cars were then put into general service and travelled widely on the Santa Fe. The cars remained in service into the AMtrak era.

The model has been stored in its original box since purchased new. It is in all respects a NEW, MINT model. The factory nickel-plating is without any scuffs, nicks or fading. All original soldering is strong, straight and clean. There is no indication of any previous use. The original box and packing are complete, including a Champ decal set produced especially for the model.

This well-detailed Santa Fe chair car is ideal for many ATSF consists throughout the 1950's and 1960's. You can easily add it to your own roster by simply submitting your bid.


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