HO European Freight Car Consist of 6 R-T-R

HO Consist of 6 Ready-to-Run Freight Cars from Austria , Germany , possibly the United Kingdom , and Unknown Countries

This is an assortment of 6 freight cars from different manufacturers. None of these cars has a box. They will be carefully individually wrapped in protective material for shipping in a sturdy box. All have Roco Type I couplers and as the photos show the paint and lettering is very good except as noted. They do not have NEM standard coupler pockets. The vehicles, figures and buildings are not included. The cars are described below:

• a Liliput car that is an advertisement for a model railroad equipment supplier. This white box car has “Fast Service from Amro Ltd., models of foreign railroads” on its sides in blue lettering. It is not known if this car was made by Liliput with these markings on it, or if the car was painted after it was purchased. The paint is not perfect, but the car would look respectable in a train. It is missing a step under the door on one side, but all other detail parts are intact. All lettering is crisp and clear. This car is equipped with a resistor to trigger train detection devices on a model railroad; this can easily be removed.

• a Liliput box car which is identical the car listed above, but this car is reddish-brown in color. It has some lettering containing
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