HO/HOn3: Small Log Cabin, an all-wood craftsman kit

HO/HOn3 scale: Wood craftsman kit by T.P. Fleming Enterprises, out of Unionville, Montana: Log Cabin. One of the most common of Western structures, and one that is rarely modeled, very few log cabin kits being available. This cabin is approximately 15' square, with pre-cut and notched timbers, also includes a styrene smokejack and corrugated metal. The early log cabins often had sod roofs, plank or shake roofs, or even used large slabs of bark. (I'm not sure why log cabin kits are rare, any theories? Maybe we're supposed to take a scale broad-axe and build our own...) This kit has small, delicate parts, a gentle touch is recommended, any questions will answer promptly, refund if not satisfied.