HO LIMA French Bullet Train TGV Cafe-Car Boxed *mint*

HO LIMA French Bullet Train TGV Cafe-Car Boxed *mint

*** Click on the larger picture in this description to view a larger version of the picture. *** This is oldstock from a hobbystore warehouse. we have a CAFE car for the French Bullet Train, manufactured by Lima #201097 and made in France. The roadname is the famous TGV. It is the fastest train In Europe. Perfect if you collect Bullettrain, Aerotrain or High Speed Aero TVG train in any version. Very nicely detailed and it is in mint condition with NO BROKEN steps or railings. IT HAS VERY LITTLE TO NO RUN TIME ON THE TRACKS! T is a box in excellent condition. I WILL BE LISTING A ENGINE, DUMMY ENGINE AND 2 PASSENGER CARS THAT GOES WITH THIS COACH THIS WEEK AS WELL AS ALSO BE LISTING A BUNCH OF EUROPEAN TRAINS AND TRAIN ITEMS THIS WEEK. It will look nice and is compatible with Athearn, AC Gilbert, Am Flyer, ATT, Bachmann, Lionel, Penn Line, Rivarossi/AHM and Walthers coupling.

ATTENTION:COLLECTORS OF VINTAGE HO & N -Would you like to be able to take a trip back in Time? I have recently purchased the unsold storestock AND floor stock of a Train Hobby Shop which operated from the 1950s until early last year. It sold both American and Foreign. Imagine, being able to buy ORIGINAL Vintage 1955-1975, as well as trains from just last year. HO Trains and Accessories
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