HO locomotive lot five of them one runs four look great even an Atlas

Here we have an interesting HO lot. We have five engines four of'm look good but they have problems; one of them looks horrible but it runs. OK first up is an atlas its a U36C diesel and its motor actually runs but the gears slip so its not really running. Next we have a beautiful green Livery 0-6-0 British Mainline. This engine ran for me BUT I let my grand daughter play with it and she pushed it along the tracks and stripped the gears so the motor goes but the drive does not engage. Next we have a small 0-6-0 that I believe is TT scale but not sure its never shown the slightest desire to run. The Big daylight Southern pacific is an interesting case its a Lionel I believe once upon a time it was a 2-8-4 now its an 0-8-0 and it runs BUT the drive push rods fall off making it self destruct. Last we have an attempt, I'm ashamed to say by me to make an MOW diesel but as you can see it looks really bad but it actually runs albeit not too good.
There you have it on this lot I don't want any returns if you can't use the parts please don't bid, and if you can good luck hope you gett'm all to go!!