HO Proto 2000 IC&E/DM&E/CP Rail GP9 Custom Weathered With DCC Decoder Soundtraxx

This is a custom done Proto 2000 GP9. It was a SOO GP9 and I made it into a IC&E/ICE GP9. Now that the CP has the ICE/DME these unit are not used that much. This unit served a lot of time in Austin Minnesota. This unit has been weathered,snow plow added a Soundtraxx mobile decoder. I did mill this unit out so if you wanted to put sound in it there is room. The decoder is set to 137 and the light are on in each direction. I listed this unit used but I got the drive bran new and the shell new.

I will ship it for $10.95 to the US and out side the US the winning bidder will have to pay actual shipping cost. Good luck.