HO Scale Train Railroad Building MOTEL w/ SWIMMING POOL


HO Scale Railroad Building

This HO scale Plasticville Motel railroad building is approximately 12.5 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 3.5 inches tall. The building is made entirely of plastic, and comes with a swimming pool complete with cardboard water. There is also a Vacancy sign you can hang outside the office in place of the No Vacancy sign. The manufacturer on the inside says Plasticville USA. The building is not dated, so I’m also unsure as to when it was originally produced (1950’s or early 1960’s as an estimate, as this is when my grandfather had his train layout set up).

This railroad building was built by my grandfather, who was an avid collector of model trains and railroad items. In the 1950’s he had an HO scale train layout that took up one half of his basement. In the 70’s the layout was torn down, and all the buildings from his display were packed away in boxes. There was not much care when the buildings were packed away—they were pretty much stored on top of each other in cardboard boxes, without any padding or protection between them. Because of this, and because of their age, the buildings do have some problems.

The most noticeable blemishes on this building are yellowed glue discolorations, dusty areas and cobwebs, and dried train grass that
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