HO Scale Walthers 932-6251 - C&NW PS DD Commuter Coach *Discontinued*

Walthers Ready-to-Run
HO Scale
PS DD Commuter Coach
Chicago & North Western
For over 100 years, commuter trains helped make Chicago the rail hub of thenation. Faced with replacing its aging fleet of equipment, the Chicago &North Western turned to St. Louis Car Co. for a new type of suburban commuter car in 1955. Inspired by similar cars on the Burlington, the all-new bilevel cars provided seating on two levels and could carry up to 169 riders. Wide center doors allowed people to get on or off quickly, speeding station stops. Roller bearing trucks, coil springs and cushioned draft gear made the ride quieter and smoother. Electrical power for lights, heat and air conditioning was supplied by a generator refitted to diesels assigned to commuter service (one of the first applications of head-end power). Both the public and the North Western were pleased with the new design. And in 1958, the CNW ordered almost identical bilevel cars from Pullman-Standard to re-equip its Chicago to Green Bay, Wisconsin, trains.
In 1960, special coaches with a small engineer's compartment at one end were built by Pullman-Standard. This allowed trains to operate in push-pull fashion, eliminating time consuming and costly switching of the engine at the end of each trip. Over the next several years, additional coaches
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