HO Straight Train Tunnel

Hi. You are buying a hand-made (no 2 are identical) HO Model Train Tunnel made in California, USA and
measures 13" long, 6" high, and 7" wide. It is realistic as is but also intended for the buyer to enhance the
tunnel, esp. if an HO afficionado or a great project for Dad and son / daughter, by adding shrubs, trees,
and even portals make it look more realistic.
This tunnel comes with 6 various size pine trees, not planted and can be placed at the owner's desire. The
base can also be cut to fit the track bed, etc. with a small jig saw. It is light weight and quite realistic
and fun, and looks great on any layout as is. I personally think it looks much better that the mass-made
plastic tunnels that have snow capped mountains when only 6" high. LOL>
Enjoy!!! And, ALL ABOARD!!!