HO train ATLAS Diesel SD24 Eng SOUTHERN SRR *mib* SD-24

HO train ATLAS Diesel SD24 Eng SOUTHERN SRR *mib* SD-24

*** *** This is oldstock from a hobbystore warehouse. Here we have a SD 24 diesel engine, manufactured by Atlas. Stock number 7004. The road name is Southern, SRR . This is great is you are running trains with the BNSF, Burlington Northern BN, Western Pacific WP, SPS, Chessie System, B&O, or C&O or any western road names.

Features include:

Brass flywheels for smooth take offs and stops High and accurate detailing 8 wheel electrical pick-up 8 wheel drive

Very nicely detailed and it is in MINT condition with NO BROKEN steps, railings or couplers. IT HAS NO RUN TIME ON THE TRACKS! I have track tested this engine and oiled the motor and it runs smooth with an operating headlight that works. There is a box in excellent condition. I WILL ALSO BE LISTING 3 CAR PASSENGER COACH AND CAFE SET THAT GOES WITH THIS ENGINE THIS WEEK AS WELL AS A BUNCH OF EUROPEAN TRAINS AND TRAIN ITEMS THIS WEEK. It will look nice and is compatible with Athearn, AC Gilbert, Am Flyer, ATT, Bachmann, Lionel, Penn Line, Rivarossi/AHM and Walthers coupling.

ATTENTION:COLLECTORS OF VINTAGE HO & N -Would you like to be able to take a trip back in Time? I have recently purchased the unsold storestock AND floor stock of a Train Hobby Shop which operated from
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