HO Walthers Proto 2000 ( 1000 ) New Haven RDC #120

HO Locomotive Proto 1000 Series, Walthers #23978

New Haven RDC # 120

New Haven #120 (NH herald, white face)

Constant & directional lighting -- A very heavy die cast chassis

These are extra smooth runners with great dual fly wheel action

the paint job is not great for a factory job

NEW in the original box

Post insured -- we will combine postage -- Foreign sales are welcome

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The Budd RDC, short for Rail Diesel Car, was a complete passenger train in a single car. Each car was the same length as a full-sized passenger car (except for the rare RDC-4) and featured Budd's typical corrugated stainless steel exterior. Two 275-horsepower diesel engines mounted under the floor powered a mechanical transmission. Cooling radiators and exhaust stacks were mounted on the roof, making the car resemble a dome car. The RDC-1 is a 90-seat coach that was originally produced for commuter runs and short intercity runs. The RDC-2 and RDC-3 were ideal for passenger runs that handled mail and express; the RDC-2 seats 71 and has a 17' baggage compartment and the RDC-3 seats 49 and has a 17' baggage compartment and a 15' RPO compartment. Two more variations were
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