HO Westside Model Company Baltimore & Ohio B&O Q-4b 2-8-2 with auxiliary tender

This is a very nice HO Brass Westside Model Company Baltimore & Ohio (B&O) Q-4b 2-8-2 with auxiliary tender.
It tested fine after replacing the rubber coupling between the motor and gearbox. The original black rubber coupling had become brittle. There is another one in the spare parts bag but it has also turned hard. I used some model airplane fuel tubing which wasn't a perfect fit and I used a tiny bit of ACC cement and some fine brass wire as sort of a twist tie to cinch it tighter on the gearbox shaft. Seems to work OK and the engine moves very smoothly. Pretty easy to remove that tubing if you want to use something else. Has Kadee couplers all around.
It has two parts packages. One with a remarkable collection of screws. The other has an alternate dummy coupler to use on the locomotive pilot.
Condition-wise it has a very good finish and looks test run only. Very clean. The box does have some wear. Also, bell bracket is a little bent and bell wire loose and a bit bent and not draped right. I think it can be straightened, but I didn't want to try. One of the photos is a close up of the bell.
It also comes with rather a lot of paperwork as seen in one of the photos. I suspect all this originally came with the engine.
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