Hobbie Klivian's Rogue 4 X-Wing Fighter & droid - Star Wars 2006 Saga Series

Come fly with Hobbie Klivian and his Rogue Four X-Wing Fighter ! This auction includes unique custom depictions of the Rebel fighter ship and it's R2 Astromech droid. Both are hand-painted and ready to pilot their craft on their mission to defeat the Galactic Empire!

Customized from a 2006 Saga Series X-Wing, one of the large-sized, more accurately scaled X-Wings, measuring nearly 20 inches long! Grab this up while you can. You won't find another set like this on ebay or in any other galaxy.

All the Wings and Laser Cannons are resin reproductions. This allowed for a better pitting/weathering effect and adding micrometeorite damage.

Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to own this beautiful collector's item! Everything seen in the pictures is included in this auction.

As a special bonus, a resin reproduction of the Rebel's X-Wing hanger ladder is included!

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