Hobrin MONEY MAKING COLD READING Psychic & Mentalism




A forty page book on how to give readings for money. 's what the author has to say in The INTRODUCTION :

I have been successfully doing cold reading for a number of years

in my home town and the surrounding districts. I have built up

quite a fine reputation and am kept very busy reading tarot for

ladies groups in their own homes, with many return visits being

requested. I also lecture at local Women's Institutes, which provides me with a vehicle to advertise my services.

It all started for me when I did a lecture demonstration on

'The Power of the Mind' at a local Women's Institute and I was

asked if I did readings. I immediately replied in the

affirmative, even though I'd never done a reading in my life,

unless one could call doing a question and answer routine as part of a club mental act, doing readings. The upshot of this

conversation was that I was invited to the home of one of the

ladies present, the following week.

The next day I hurried went out and bought my first Rider-Waite tarot pack and the accompanying booklet by A E Waite. I spent the best part of the next few days boning up on the meaning of the various cards.

I was quite confident
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