Hofner Beatle bass Vintage 1964 not a Reissue

You are bidding on my baby... No seriously a 1964 Vintage Beatle Bass
Condition: great! Original no repairs. Some Natural wood aging. Small scratch on lower back of neck. This is not a crack. I took a close up photo for detail. No pick guard. There is a thumb size pearloid covering that has a small crack. This is a cosmetic issue and not a wood body issue. Does not affect playability.Case is for beatle bass but not original. See pics Sound: amazing .. I've played other Hofners and Reissues. Nothing is like this original. I would recommend comparing youtube video of vintage 62-65 hofners and newer/reissue hofner basses.. the tone is obvious. Playability: great intonation, always stays in tune.. Which is rare for vintage Hofner.. Most would go out of tune as you worked your way up the neck. Great straight neck and frets. True McCartney sound: only 1962-65 have staple pickups MOJO: off the chart.. you will feel like a beatle!
It took me 6 months to find this one. I looked internationally and this was the best one. It was purchased through Guitar Center Vintage department. So it was inspected for quality by professionals and myself. This week I had a offer from basscentral in FL so it has definitely been approved by the right people. These are rare on the market. Most people will not give it up.. I don't want to sell this.
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