Hohner Atlantic Vox 2 1V De Luxe

I bought this accordion to learn on it, but I found out thats is too big to learners and I didn't manage todo so. I bought a 80 bass that is far easy to learn, despite of it this is a excellent Hohner Accordion which is double octive tuned and a 4 voice with 120 bass.This accordion has a strong quality sound and is a top of the range Hohner accordion.There is no power unit with this accordion so I do not know if the electronics are working as I have not been able to check this.The condition of this accordion is very good and the electronics may well be working.The Buyer will have to purchase a power unit. This is a great accordion for use with folk or band gigs.There are new straps and a case.The cost of a new Hohner Atlantic is now over £4000 this accordion is therefore good value. Pay Pal payment within 3 days please. Collection preferred but I can despatch via courier at buyers cost and risk. .