Hohner LP Copy Lawsuit Japan Maple Guitar Paul 70's Big Block Inlay Les is more

Sorry everyone the listing was pulled by ebay for some reason....Here it is again!
You are looking at a near mint 70's Lawsuit era Les Paul copy! There are cheap crappy plywood LP copies and there are Heavy REAL wood guitars....this is the real deal copy! Don't let the bolt on neck fool you...this is on mean ax! Pickups are strong and heavy, action is low and plays great! There is a big divot on the 9th fret that will catch a string on a bend, I meant to have it crowned or replaced long ago but just never seem to get around to it! I was using it for a hard rock project that has fizzled and need some cash to fund gear for another project!
This guitar is made of solid maple in the pancake style just like the gibsons were in that era. Neck has a nice medium C profile...no baseball bat, very comfortable to play the whole night with. Small amount of buckle rash on back but other than that its pretty clean! This guitar will NOT disappoint! It has served me well for years and now It can be yours!
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