Hohner ST-59 Professional - Strat guitar - MIK - 1992

Still thinning my personal collection - For sale, a 1992 Samick (Korean) made Hohner ST-59 professional in translucent "seafoam green". The neck & scratchplate etc. has aged naturally & this quite heavy guitar is a joy to play. 3 quality Korean (possibly Gifmen?) single coil pickups, one volume & two tone pots (all 250K for better quality sound) with 5-way switch. Lovely smooth & thin neck with virtually zero fret wear - the intonation is spot on & action great. The classic trem is still active & there is a whammy bar (all chrome not gold).
First made in 1990 to replace the ST-57 model, this guitar was made before Hohner acquired the "Rockwood" name & moved production of those cheaper type guitars to China. Samick, for those who know, also made Fender Squier Teles/Strats & also guitars for Epiphone, Yamaha etc. At the time of purchase, this was quite expensive & has the original (then revolutionary) passive pickups with "ATN [Advanced Tonal Network]circuitry" where all the pickups are wired into a big capacitor. The quality body is solid Indonesian Alder, the skunk neck is one-piece Canadian Rock Maple & fretboard is Indian Rosewood. The, now faded, original "gold" hardware still looks ok & the machine heads are real quality Schaller units that hold this guitar in tune.
At 19 years
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