Hohner Super 64X, Chromatic, 64 Chromonica, many more

Here is a bunch of harmonicas given to me as payment for a debt owed me. I don't know much about harmonicas but will be glad to try and answer any and all questions you may have. The first one is called a Super64X. It looks used and is missing the small knob on the end of the slider thing. I blew through it and all 12 of the holes made good sound. It has a case and owners manual and a warranty paper. Seems to be in good shape. Next is a Chromatic in G. It has a case but is not the original one as it is much bigger than the harmonica. The slider works good and all the holes make good sound. It looks to be well used. Next is4 a Marine Band in G. Well used. No case. Next is a 64 Chromonica in C. It's in poor shape I would say. Slider end is broken off and first couple low notes sound bad. Next is a Marine Band in G. Looks old and well worn. Notes all work. Next is a Chrometta 8 in C. Slider works nice and notes all work. Pretty nice looking. Next is a Chromonica in G. Slider works nice and all the notes work.Wood across front has a crack in it. Nice case and looks moderately worn. Next is a Rollinha made in Brazil. Cheap looking but works well. Next is a small Marine band in F. Has a case and has some wear. Notes work. Next is an Echo in a box. It is in C. The notes all work and it looks well worn. Next is a Lee Oskar in C. Called a ... read more