Hoi An Hoard Vase Jar c. 1450 A.D. 1 3/4" Tall w/ COA

Hoi An Hoard Vase.

An open mouth vase measuring 1 3/4" tall, 2 1/2" wide and 3/4" mouth opening.

This is a pretty blue and white jar with a necklace of petals around the top opening.


Condition is excellent with some crazing (it's 558 years old!) and some tiny indications of being underwater for over 500 years. All in all, I can't believe I get to hold this beautiful piece of history! Amazing!

This jar bears the serial number that it is an artifact of the Treasures from the Hoi An Hoard, a collection of Vietnamese ceramics dating around 1450 A.D. The Hoi An Hoard originate from and around the village of Chu Dau in the province of Hai Doung in North Vietnam, the earliest pottery center in Vietnam and renowned for its high quality export ceramics.

The Hoi An Hoard was recovered from a shipwreck found in June 1997 near the Cham Islands, off Da Nang. Pursuant to a permit issued by the Government of Vietnam, Saga Horizon Sdn Bhd A Malaysian salvage company, undertook recovery form April to June 1999 under the auspices of the Vietnam History Museum.

The Hoi An Hoard represents the only known cache of shipwrecked Vietnamese ceramics to date.

This vase comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Saga Horizon.