HOI AN shipwreck recovered cargo OCTAGON COVERED BOX

Hoi An Hoard BLUE AND WHITE OCTAGONAL COVERED BOX AVERAGE WIDTH 1 3/4" AVERAGE HEIGHT 1" high MING DYNASTY .... mid 15th century ----- circa 1438 ----- With original HOI AN HOARD inventory barcode numbers......this is also the COA ..........
All items out of the ship where inventoried and logged in with bar-code stickers numbers by archeologists in 1999 when this shipwreck cargo was salvaged from the depths of the Dragon Sea (South China Sea of the coast of Vietnam).
They have been tested and are LEAD FREE
These are some picture out of the BUTTERFIELD's auction catalog this box came out of THIS LOT #1917
CONDITION : These have been in seawater for over 500 years Chips, marine encrustation, minor staining and degrading of glaze. This one has NO large chips or cracks
DOES have some small chips rims
Has some staining mainly inside
Has some small encrustations
Has NO crazing (crackling of the glaze)
Decorated with in cobalt blue underglazed
Glaze is still shiny
Blue is still bright
Lid fits and there is NO color difference and patterns line up perfectly
They ARE A MATCH (very rare most got separated over the last 550 years).
Provenance: OFFICIAL MARINE EXCAVATION / Butterields
COA inventory # 74033
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