Hollywood Regency Shell Encrusted Art Deco Mirror

Chocolate Shell Encrusted Faux Leopard French Mirror

This is a dark, deep CHOCOLATE and faux Leopard print shell mirror that literally glistens with so many rich and colorful polished shells, that it just jumps out at you!!!!! Medallions of faux Leopard and faux Tortoiseshell seashells surround the wonderful curves of this French mirror, all pulled together with hundreds of pearlescent tiny shells. Fabulous in a hallway, over a mantle .... or how about aboard your Yacht, in the stateroom with all that gorgeous mahogany???? Just kidding......or am I?

Measuring 34" by 22" the top and bottom centers of this mirror exhibit huge scallop shells which are a very nice contrast to the polished shells.

Shipping for this spectacular piece will be approximately $95. For an exact quote, please contact us. West Coast shipments are less, as we are located in Southern California. Furthermore, we do offer pickups, and delivery as well. If you live in Southern California, and are interested, please email us for additional details.

*** Shellstyle ~ The Finest In Ocean Decor!! ***