Rare Holographic Pokemon Cards: Charizard, Blastoise & Venusaur-Near-Mint

Up for auction are three rare holographic base set 1 pokemon cards. These cards are in near-mint condition and are described below. I have provided up close photos of the exact cards that will be received. All card will arrive in individual hard plastic top holders and shipping will be free for the winning bidder or buyer. The cards up for auction include:

Holographic Charizard-Rare (Near-Mint Condition-One small and shallow scratch under the holofoil, minor edge wear)

Holographic Blastoise-Rare (Near-Mint Condition-Minor edge wear)

Holographic Venusaur-Rare (Near-Mint Condition-Tiny imperfection top left corner of card)

These cards are all in excellent condition and will make an amazing addition to someone's pokemon card collection.

Please note that I only ship to locations in the United States.

Feel free to send me questions about the auction.

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