Holy Grail of Rare US Air Force Survival knives.

NOT a Reissue or Reproduction. This knife and sheath are ORIGINAL USAF ISSUE, Circa 1951-1953. A TRUE RARE HISTORICAL PIECE , and Holy Grail, as this knife and sheath are of a small few USAF Survival knives of this type still known to exist. A boon for a serious Knife or Air Force collector. PLEASE READ THE HISTORICAL INFO BELOW in large BLUE type:
THIS SPECIFIC Boker 155 , was obtained just 50 miles from the old Stead AFB, home of the USAF Survival School and is quite possibly one of the 300 knives initially evaluated and selected by the school for use by the Strategic Air Command (SAC) . The knife style was selected for its role by Major Burton Miller under the supervision of General Curtis Lemay. The knife and it's sheath are used and in GOOD to VERY GOOD condition considering its age/history. The blade is sharp, marred and has minor pitting and small nick in its edge on the bow near the tip. I have left the knife in the condition I got it in. See Pictures.
You are bidding on an ULTRA RARE and forgotten RELIC of the COLD WAR. These Strategic Air Command USAF Survival knives went virtually forgotten for half a century, and ORIGINALS are scarcely seen.
The Boker has an overall length of 8 3/4", a 4 1/2" blade, a stacked leather handle, and aluminum guard and pommel. It was carried in a unique pouch or tube shaped
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