"Holy Man" Framed Navajo Native American Indian Sand Painting Signed Alex Lee

This Is A Vintage, Authentic Navajo Original Sand Painting Entitled "Holy Man"

By Alex Lee

Framed, This Sand Painting Measures Approx. 7 1/4 Wide x 13 1/4" Tall

It Is In Excellent Pre-owned Condition! The Colors Are Rich And Unfaded. I Can Not See Any Missing Sand. The Frame Is Strong And Intact.

It Has A Wire On The Back Of The Frame So It Can Be Displayed On The Wall

Navajo artists tell the stories of their people through the sand paintings. Their work is exquisite. Each painting represents an array of ceremonies, sacred songs, stories and sacred places.

Sandpainting has undergone some great changes. At first, paintings incorporated the more common Yei figures and occasionally a corn plant. Then they evolved to render simplified Chants or Ways -- the Whirling Logs, Big Thunder from the Shooting Chant, Coyote Stealing Fire, etc. Now we see renderings or realist and impressionist movements, as well as pictures of Shiprock, fetish bears, and pottery depictions, among others. Generally the work is not complex, but it is pleasing and represents a strong art movement.

Over a period of several years, various competitions began to recognize sandpainting as an art form. As more and more museum shows, fairs, ceremonials, etc. began to award prizes based on quality and innovation, these works
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