Holy Water Font Wall Mount Italian Carved Alabaster

Hand Carved Italian Alabaster

Wall Mount Holy Water Vessel

Vintage Collector Treasure

The sweet faces of these angel children are what attracted me 20 years ago in a cathedral in Montreal, Quebec. It was made in Italy and we all know the sterling reputation of Italian sculptors and craftsmen.

I would like to pass this on to someone else who will appreciate it, and use it as they wish, give it as a gift, or keep it in a box the way I did! It still has the price sticker for $20. on the back, along with a Made in Italy label.

The widest part is 3 " and the height is 6". The bowl extends about 1 1/4". The graceful details include a fine scalloped edge, framing the portrayal of these beautiful angels, with eyes cast down. Their fine delicate features are masterfully carved so that light and shadow, not color, defines their expression, their garments, even their halos. The tousled curly hair is very endearing and the look of peace and contentment is very calming. Perhaps you are able to see it the way I do and would appreciate having it.

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