Homebrew DX Crystal Radio Australian Mystery Set

Up for auction is a Crystal Radio (AM Band) I built years ago and now have decided to list because I need room in my storage unit. This radio's circuit is based on the "Modified Australian Mystery Crystal Radio" circuit discovered in the '20s. Featuring a triple wound coil on a piece of PVC, (green, red, and copper wire with matching alligator clips for trying different configurations), variable capacitor taken from a ham radio, vintage vernier dial, diode, resistor, brass thumbscrews, fahnestock clips, etc, this is a very sensitive and selective radio. As with most Crystal Radios, this one needs a good antenna and ground as well as some magnetic headphones to function properly. I recommend sound powered headsets with which I was able to recieve stations over 1000 miles away with this radio. I believe i spent about 50.00 on the vintage parts for this radio. Due to the homebrew nature of this item it is sold "as is ".

Payment is due 10 days from auction close. Forms of payment accepted are Paypal, MO or Personal Check if you have significant feedback of 99% or better. BUYER to pay shipping costs. Thanks for bidding!