Homebuilt full size airplane & helicopter KITS on CD

Airplane and Helicopter Kits CDROM "TOPKITS - Experimental Aircraft CDROM - Special Edition" New and unopened in shrink wrap!

This CDROM is a directory of aircraft kits (airplane kits, helicopter kits, glider and gyrocopter) you can build yourself at home.

Stocked with information about the most popular experimental fixed-wing and helicopter KIT aircraft on the market. Photos and audio (sexy female voice) descriptions. Also has music. Zenith Air, Velocity Aircraft, Loehle, Van's Aircraft, Aircraft Spruce, Baby Belle (Safari) and Rotorway helicopters. Many more.

It also has a builders supplier directory section if you should decide to build one of the kits. The suppliers directory section includes: Airframe supplies, canopies, composites, fabrics, foams, landing gear, avionics, antennas, encoders, ELT, GPS, headsets, intercoms, radios, aircraft aluminum, aircraft steel, transponders, aircraft engines and powerplants, batteries, periodicals, propellers, rotor blades and much more. Everything you need to build an airplane.

It also includes another directory for contacting certified flight schools and all of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) chapters in the United States.

Retails for: $49.95 Runs on any Windows PC