HOMER LAUGHLIN Antique China HUDSON Gold Rimmed & Roses

This Homer Laughlin China is all trimmed in gold. It is a beautiful set which dates back to the early 1900's. After much research, I am unable to find the exact pattern, but it is the Hudson style and bears the Homer Laughlin and Hudson stamp with varying number/letter combinations for each piece.

The pieces are in beautiful condition, with minimal wear that evidences the fact that these are vintage antique dishes around 100 years old. Included are dining and serving pieces.

T are 9 serving pieces which are:

Oval Vegetable Bowl with Lid Round Vegetable Bowl Creamer Pitcher Sugar Bowl with Lid Gravy Bowl Large Oval Platter Smaller Oval Platter

T are 47 dining pieces which are:

6 Cups 11 Saucers 8 Dinner Plates 11 Dessert Plates 11 Mini Plates

An incredible set that can spend the next 100 years in your family.

I am definitiely not an expert by any means, but I have given you the best description after hours of research and I have provided many pictures for you to view. If you have questions or need more pictures, please contact me. I am happy to help. I check my email often and will respond asap.

I have received much interest and many questions regarding these dishes. In response, I looked at each piece to provide more information. Please keep in mind these are things I was specifically
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