Homer Laughlin Cotillion 9 1/2" Vegetable Bowl

Over they years I have collected a lot of Homer Laughlin Cotillion pieces, primarily because this was the "fancy" set my mom has. With three daughters, I figured only one of us could get her set so I started collecting my own. At some point recently, it dawned on me that having service for 10 or 12 is kind of insane since I never throw dinner parties, so I will be thinning my collection down over the next couple weeks. This auction is for a 9.5 inch long vegetable or serving bowl. It is in nice shape except for one flaw on the underside of the lip that shows as a dark spot in the second photo. This is a shallow flake about 1/8 inch long that darkened over the years. Cotillion is on the Eggshell Georgian shape and this one carries both a gold stamed G3517 (unusual) and also F 51 N 5 dating it to 1951.