HOn3 Rio Grande Models D&RGW Flanger Kit #3002-FL

This listing is for a Rio Grande Models HOn3 D&RGW Flanger kit #3002-FL. This kit can be built up to model one of the different snow flangers on the D&RGW NG. The kit will also include a pair of Grant Line D&RGW 3'7" WB Freight Car Trucks. One truck has been modified by having the brake shoes removed (The prototype flangers only had brake shoes on one truck)
The kit is new in the box and no assembly work has been started. It is complete with no missing parts. All that is needed for the kit is a pair of Kadee couplers.
This builds up to make a nice snow flanger for your HOn3 D&RGW NG MOW roster.
I'm selling off some of my stash of HOn3 rolling stock kits to help me pay for school.