Honorine by Arcopal Blue & White Dishes Plates Bowl 7pc

7 Pieces of Honorine by Arcopal/FRANCE

Includes (2) very large 10-7/8 inch DINNER PLATES; (4) 7-1/2 inch Salad/Dessert Plates, and (1) 7-1/4 inch Bowl

CONDITION: One of the large dinner plates has a very small flake or chip off of the edge...you really do not see it, but it can be felt. If you tilt the plates to a bright light, you can see just the SLIGHTEST use marks or tiny, faint scratches. You cannot see them when just looking at the plates, but I mention the marks for accuracy. They are small and t are very few of them.

Two of the salad plates look almost perfect. One has about 4 very tiny (about 1/8 inch) scratch marks on the left side in the white area of the center of the plate....very small and, again, only seen when tilted to the light. The 4th one has a small edge chip by the scalloped area.

All the plates have the Arcopal France logo and markings on the back. The bowl is marked Arcopal France, but does not have the logos. The bowl is in excellent condition.

I also have a set of the mugs somew in another box....I will have to offer them up at a later date when I unpack them!

NOTE: I also have a beautiful Rostfrei Knife & Fork Serving Set that go beautifully with this pattern, so be sure to check out my other items up for sale!

I attempt to accurately describe
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