HOOVER DAM COIN-Pure copper!-RARE Limited Edition-MISB!

HOOVER DAM COIN!!!! WHAT A PIECE OF HISTORY!!! This coin is from the Hoover Dam's "GOLD ROOM" No it's not gold--but it is from what the Hoover Dam Electrical Transfer Room, nicknamed by employees "the Gold Room" because of the Golden Glow of the constantly polished copper busbars carrying huge amounts of electrical power. Today, Hoover Dam's Gold Room is gone. The Copper buses, the first of which were installed in 1936, were replaced with an aluminum alloy. Increasing the amount of power the distribution system can handle. The copper removed in the form of the electrical buses was forged and then minted into the coins you see Each is stamped on the edge with a serial number. The front of the coin is Hoover Dam and the back is a "Highscaler". A worker that ran up and down the Dam walls cuting and drilling to remove the massive amounts of stone required during construction. The coin was minted in 2005 and is part of only 5000 struck of this type. This coin is a MUST Have for collectors and historians alike. Enclosed in a nice story telling fold out brochure with cover. Specs: Assay-100% Pure Copper, Weight-32.2 Grams, Thickness-1/8th inch, Stamped-Original Hoover Dam Copper, Ser# 3254. This aution is for ONE coin but six more coins are available with differing serial numbers. ENJOY!!!!!!!!