Hope 530 Slide Rule Engineer New in the Box Complete

HOPE 530 Log-Log Duplex Slide Rule I am offering this engineering slide rule for sale. These are from the stock of a stationery shop. I bought the whole stock so contact me if you're interested in buying more than one. The slide rule is not "like new" or "in very good state" etc. It's absolutely NEW IN THE BOX. You will be the second person to open it (sorry, I am the first to open it -naturally- to check). Inside, you'll find the slide rule, hard-plastic case, illustrated instructions manual (ENGLISH). Hope 530 is a hard-plastic slide rule, made in Japan, by Hope Slide Rule Mfg. Co. Ltd. This company produced usually for other brands, as a subcontractor. These rules date from the end of the "slide rule era" (late 60s / early 70s) so their manufacturing quality is excellent. The rule is 33,5 cm long which makes 13 inches. The scales are 10 inches long so it's a "full scale" slide rule. It has 23 scales ! Logarithmic scales (front side) LL1, LL2, LL3, A / B, L, K, C, D / LL3, LL2, LL1. Trigonometric scales (back) T1, T2, ST, DF / CF, CIF, CI, C / D, P, S. Each scale's function is shown on the right end of the rule. The numbers on the following scales are noted in red for easy reading: LL01, LL02, LL03 (front), CI, CIF, P, COS (back). DF, CF and CIF are folded scales. P is the Pythagorean scale. A,B,C, D scales have overrange extensions ... read more