HOPI CLOWN Koshare Hano KACHINA DOLL Clarence Cleveland

Up for auction is a true collector's carving of an excellent Clown (Koshare) Kachina Doll. This is a seldom seen Native American Kachina Doll by Clarence Cleveland. Mr. Cleveland is of Navajo descent but married into the Hopi Pueblo. He is considered by many to be the top Hano clown carver in Hopi. One of Mr. Cleveland's distinctive clown carvings was even featured on the cover of the 1994 Hopi Clown book by Barton Wright. What a super piece! --And just in time for the holidays!

This doll is just under 12" tall from the bottom of the base to the tip of the head pieces. The base itself is about 3&1/4" high and 3" to 5" in diameter. The doll is all wood except for a leather medicine pouch around his neck, leather tassles on his clown hat, leather loin cloth, wrist and ankle bands and hair (I'm not sure what the hair is made from). The watermelon pieces in his hands are not permanently attached and will be packed separately. Additionally , you will receive a poloroid photo of the artist holding a sample of one of his clown creations. (Please note: The clown doll that the artist is holding in the poloroid photo is not the same one as in this listing.) The other fellow in the poloroid photo, with the cowboy hat, is a New Mexico trader.

This clown is in EXCELLENT new condition. It is signed on the bottom by the artist:
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