Hopi Kachina Doll - The Hemis Kachina - Beautiful!

Presented today is this beautiful Hopi Kachina doll, depicting the Hemis Kachina, by the talented and respected Conrad Torivio. i have closely followed this very traditional carver's career since the beginning, and have the pleasure of owning the very first Kachina doll he carved, when he was only 8 years old. Conrad's work is always strong and clean, very well-made and very traditional. This Hemis Kachina is an excellent example of his work. This lovely Kachina doll stands 10 inches tall, and is very well-proportioned and dignified. It displays beautifully and would look great in any Kachina doll collection. i absolutely guarantee all aspects of Conrad's works, and as you all know, if the buyer is unsatisfied for ANY reason, i will immediately return the full purchase price, including return shipping. Many Thanks for your consideration, and as always, Best Regards, Rich

P.S. Along with any Kachina doll by Conrad or his brother Fermin, i will include a computer CD displaying they're work over the past few years. It is a compendium that illustrates the traditional excellence of these fine artists. Available nowhere else, it is yours at no cost.