Hopi Kachina Doll - Yo-we the Priest Killer Kachina!

Presented today is this very nice, very old Hopi Kachina doll, depicting the rarely modelled Yo-we, the Priest Killer Kachina. Yo-we is thought to be the warrior who killed the Catholic priest at Oraibi, in the Pueblo Revolt in 1680. He also attempted to strangle the priest's mistress, but only managed to hang on to a single earring (hence the single earring on his ear panel). Yo-we is a very powerful Kachina during the Powamu Ceremony, and never appears at any of the Mixed Kachina dances. Depictions of this Kachina are very rare, to this day, and frankly this is the first i've seen with my own eyes dating to the 60's. This fine and only slightly dusty example stands 13 and a half inches tall, and is mounted on a board that was hand-hewn from a piece of Cottonwood root. T is writing on the bottom, very faint, which may or may not say "Jan 64 Al Roy Silva" It's also possible that the name may be "Silas" (i've heard both names on the Mesas). In any event, this is a rare opportunity to own a highly collectable and seldom seen Kachina doll. i guarante it to be authentic and Hopi-carved, and as you all know, if the buyer is unsatisfied for ANY reason, i will immediately return the complete purchase price, including the shipping. So have fun bidding and Congratulations in advance to the lucky winner. Best Regards, Rich