Hopi Most Famous Artist Wally Grover Crow Man Kachina

Hopi Most Famous Artist Wally Grover is from First Mesa(old Hopi Village)northeastern Arizona.Crow Man (Angwus Katsina) is one of the warriors who make war on the clowns during the Plaza Dances or who appear in the Soyohim of late spring. He comes to threaten the clowns for their non-Hopi behavior, appearing again and again until finally he and others who have the same function descend upon the clowns and thoroughly chastize them. This Crow Man Kachina Sculpture is 10.5 in. x 1.25 in. wide.

I know Wally and all the Hopi Artists work, I collect from.

Brand new kachina, made from cotton wood root, retail price $ 350.00 !