Horatio Kitchener 'Briton's Uncle Sam' Freemason Masonic 7/8 oz .925 Silver Coin

7/8 oz Sterling Silver Masonic Coin PROOF

Horatio H. Kitchener

(British general ~ 1850-1916)

In original octagon clear hard shell airtite

#27 commemorative

Issued by International Fraternal Commemorative Society

Minted by Franklin Mint

(see the intertwined ‘F’ and ‘M’’ hallmark on the rim)

in 1970 (see ‘70’ hallmark on the rim)

sculptured by Gleb Derujinsky

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[Story Time]

Horatio Kitchener was British’s Secretary of State for War (Defense Minister). He correctly predicted there will be a long war with Germany , require huge new armies and stockpile of ammunition. He started a massive recruitment campaign, which featured a distinctive poster of Kitchener, who pointing the finger at you “Britons Wants You!” (see last photo). It may have encouraged large numbers of volunteers and has proven to be one of the most enduring images of the war, having been copied and parodied many times since. (The poster looks like British version of “Uncle Same Wants You!”).

In 1883 Kitchener became a Freemason. He was initiated in Cairo at La Concordia Lodge number 1226, English constitution. Throughout his adult life Kitchener
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