Hordes - Minions - Croak Raiders Full 2 - Painted

Hordes - Minions - Croak Raiders Full 2 - Painted I painted this model for a Trolls list I was running. Card included. Metal Models.
The following costs were incured in building and painting this model:
Cost of the Unit - $64.99 Cost of paints and glue - $1 Shipping to you - $0 Painting Labor - $6 Total starting price of auction - $71.99
Why build and paint your own if you can just have me paint it for $6. That's what they charge outside the US to paint models, so I use that as a starting cost.
However, as a disclaimer occasionally I get feedback from folks that dislike the choices I make when painting a model. To be honest I paint so the model look good on the tabletop, not under a magnifying glass. When building an army, you don't spend the game playing with a magnifying glass.
However, these pictures are accurate, and taken immediantly before the auction, so as they say, the pictures say 1000 words, so use them to evaluate the model you will be purchasing, instead of my words.
If you are unhappy with your purchase, please ship it back for a full refund within a couple days. _gsrx_vers_631 (GS 6.9.8b6 (631))