Horlacher's Aqua Beer Bottles

You are bidding on two aqua colored 7 oz. Horlacher's beer bottles. Both "ten pin" style, they are in excellent condition. Both are machine made, although the seam does not extend the full length of the bottles. They measure 7 1/4" with a circumference of 8 1/2" at the widest part, mid section. One of them has a slicght chip, less than an inch, at the base of the bottle, not readily noticed. The inverted bottoms read:ALLENTOWN PA, in bold embossing. The name Horlacher is very nicely embossed in script style on the front of the bottles, also: Contents 7 Fluid ounces at the base. They have teardrops. Other than as described, I see no dents, cracks, marring scratches or discolorations. But for the very poor economy, I would not be liquidating my collection, and these are truly some of my favorites. Your free bottle is slightly different than the other two. The embossed name is essentially the same, but above it, CONTENTS 7 Oz is embossed in block style lettering. In the neck, you can see a few driplets of "metal" (molten glass from manufacturing). This bottle is a full 7 1/2", with midsection circumference a shade over 8 1/2". It has a discolored chip on the bottom, again, not readily seen, unless you invert the bottle. The third bottle has a slight surface scratch on the rear, and it also has some teardrops. All in all, the three bottles ... read more