Hornby Clearance -R2921X BR Thorpe Hall B17/2 Class DCC Fitted-Damaged Packaging

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R 2921X - BR 4-6-0 'Thorpe Hall' B17/2 Class Steam Locomotive
RRP £ 148.99
B uy Now fo r £104.99 - SAVE £44.00
The Locomotive is brand new and unused. Packaging coul d have cosmetic damage inc ludin g, scuffs , tears , dents or fading.
By the mid-1920s there was a critical need for locomotives suitable for increasing passenger traffic on the GE District (formerly Great Eastern Railway) but track limitations prevented the transfer of locomotives from other regions. Nigel Gresley was required by the LNER to produce a 4-6-0 design to supplement the existing B12 locomotive serving that region. Initial specifications were for a three-cylinder 4-6-0, borrowing the cylinder and motion arrangement of the D49
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