Hornby Dublo EDP 20 Bristolian Passenger Set

I am selling a Hornby Dublo EDP 20 Passenger Train set 'Bristolian' 30020.

The outer lid is battered - one end is missing and the other end is 'just ' hanging on. Part of the side is missing.

The contents includes 1 Bristol Castle which is in good condition and works well. There are 2 brown/cream coaches one of which is a brake. The numbers on the coaches are W15862 and W34881. There are 6 sections of curved track - one of which contains a part for connecting power. There are 6 straight sections and 2 half straights. 1 of the half straights has what looks like two running boards down the centre of the track?

This set has obviously had many hours of 'playing time' hence the condition of the lid!!

Thanks for looking.