Hornby HST Class 43 BR Intercity Swallow "Executive" Livery R2702 DCC Fitted

Hornby HST Class 43 in BR Swallow Intercity "Executive" Livery R2702 DCC Fitted

I inspected this on Friday 2 nd November before packing it in its box and it truly is in mint condition with the exception of one of the rear windows on the power car having slight glue marks on and around it.

This is due to me accidentally pushing it out when I installed the DCC decoder but it is now glued back into place (not very noticeable to be honest).

You can see what I mean if you watch the video.

Here you can view a brief demonstration video I made of it on Friday the 2 nd before packing it up:


Included in auction:

· Two DCC fitted locomotives with front, rear and cab directional lights. One power car and one dummy car both with DCC address 2.

· Original Box.

· Original instructions.

· The original DC blanking plates.

· It will also arrive with the original metal securing piece attached to the power car which keeps it secure during transit. Hornby recommend you remove this then replace the screw, however, me and others find Hornby HSTs run best with that screw left out. (“Intercity82” made a video regarding this although the reason why remains a mystery.)

I am only selling due to lack of use and can’t justify keeping
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