A used Hornby OO gauge Advanced Passenger Train (APT) EMU The unit is a 7 car set, not the standard 5 cars. The unit is not DCC-ready, given it's age, although a decoder can be hard-wired in place easily if you can solder.
This is a used item that has run on my layout, but has been well looked after and is in good condition with only minor signs of it's age. In other words, some scuff-marks and a few broken links between the insulators on the power car roof which are typical of models of this vintage. No original boxes, but will be well-packed for shipping.
The two additional saloons included were built from four original Hornby vehicles using typical cut'n'shut techniques. I never quite completed this project (I never do!) so it's not going to win any first prizes. There is still some minor work including filling and painting left to do, but the bulk of the grunt-work involved in chopping and gluing has been done and the unit looks good sweeping past on a layout when seen from 'Normal Viewing Distances'. Up close, you can still see the join...
IMPORTANT: 1) The power car (only) has been upgraded with Ultrascale OO gauge nickel-silver replacement wheels. 2) The power car runs OK, but sounds like it would benefit from a little TLC. Typical for a Hornby pancake motor that hasn't been used or cleaned for a decade or
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