Hospital Ship HMHS Rohilla, Sunk Off Whitby 1914. Here At Port Said. LL Postcard

This is a very good original military shipping card showing a great view of the British troop transport ship SS Rohilla, seen here at Port Said pre WW1. Early in the Great War she was converted to a Hospital Ship and was sunk off Whitby Rocks on 30th October 1914 whilst en-route to France from Leith in Scotland. Due to the Wartime regulations, all the navigational lights and bouys had been turned off and silenced; the Rohilla struck on Whitby Rocks just 500 yards from the shore in atrocious weather conditions that made a rescue attempt virtually impossible. Despite conditions, the man-powered Whitby lifeboat crew made heroic attempts to reach the stricken ship, eventually rescuing 35 women and men from amongst the crew of over 200. The lifeboat itself was wrecked and dashed against the cliffs, leaving the stranded survivors to wait another two nights before a motorised lifeboat from Tyneside managed to make a rescue attempt and took off another 50 souls. This harrowing story helped transform the RNLI to motorised vessels as the public were stunned by the horror of the tradgedy. A good card, published in the LL series, Postally unused and in very good condition. Buyers please note: For all items valued at £44.99 or under, postage and good stiff packing to a UK address will be £1.00p, Worldwide postage will be £2.20p. For items where ... read more