These HOT BODIES 14mm Hex physco offroad tires. I bought these to run with one of my monster trucks. These tires are HUGE, there 7" tall. They have about a 3/4" offset, and need it. They have about a total of 8 mins run time on there. I bought them to use at the no limit world finials, but for the truck I was running they were just to big. These were an optional item from hot bodies for the twinzilla savage connversion. So they would go good on a savage, revo, MGT or any other 1/8 scale that runs 14mm hexes.

This is what Hot Bodies had to say about these tires: "Ever seen a big, spooky light in the night sky? Ever wondered what it is? Maybe it was the extra-larg UFO wheel from Hot Bodies. Be the scary one at the track with a set of these on your monster truck! Sold in pairs, fitted with Psycho tyres, to fit standard Savage/T-Maxx hubs."

These have been long discontinued by hot bodies, but they were listed for $46.55 per pair. I think I paid $35 a pair for them before they were gone. Would be great on any monster truck that runs a 14mm hex. The Traxxas revo, tmaxx emaxx, the hpi savage.

Your bidding on a full set of 4 premounted tires and rims.

Good Luck and !!!