Hot Bodies Ve8 Xtra Hard 5mm 8 Mod Pinion 14t

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Orders ship within 2 Business Days of cleared payment Via USPS Hot Bodies Ve8 Xtra Hard 5mm 8 Mod Pinion 14t DESCRIPTION:
Robinson Racing brand Extra Hard 5mm .8 Module 14 Tooth Brushless Motor
Pinion Gear from Robinson Racing.
Extra Hard Construction gun in color
Fits motors with 5mm shaft diameter
Will also work on stock motors using a reducer sleeve (RRPC1200)
One 5mm .8 Module 14T Pinion Gear
One 4x4mm set screw (RRPC1201)
REQUIRES: Installation onto the motor shaft
SPECS: Length: 0.47 (12mm)
Mounting hole diameter: 5mm
Also available is a:
12 tooth pinion (RRPC8712) 20 tooth pinion (RRPC8720)
13 tooth pinion (RRPC8713) 21 tooth pinion (RRPC8721)
15 tooth pinion (RRPC8715) 22 tooth pinion (RRPC8722)
16 tooth pinion (RRPC8716) 23 tooth pinion (RRPC8723)
17 tooth pinion (RRPC8717) 24 tooth pinion (RRPC8724)
18 tooth pinion (RRPC8718) 25 tooth pinion (RRPC8725)
19 tooth pinion (RRPC8719)
Traxxas E-Revo 5605
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